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Indians and their Rich History of Interior Designing

Indian Architecture is filled with the rich history of India, it depicts beautifully how the interior designing in old days was sought. Interior Designing is a small chunk of a bigger attribute which is Architecture. It plays a vital role in depicting the kind of environment that a person should feel at a certain place. Whether it's a palace, home or office. Interior Designing plays a vital role in it. In today's world, Interior Designing is sought as a business, the experts in interior designing know the tiny bits of decoration that makes a place what it is supposed to be. Interior Design plays a vital role in how you feel at a certain place.


But where do we Indians get this sense of Interior Designing from? It's all in the history. India has a rich architecture and that's where we get our interior designing from. In this article, we're going to tell you about Indians and their Rich History of Interior Designing.

The concept of Interior Designing in India

In the initial days, Indians did not know about Interior Designing. Architecture and Designing were sought as the act of designing a building inside and out. But when people focused on designing the interior of the house, that was done in a unique way to create an interior environment it was known as Interior Designing. However, it wasn't until the 1980s when Interior Designing was recognized as a separate entity from Architecture. Interior Designing in India is incomplete without keeping in mind the rich architecture of India.

Interior Designing: A Luxury

Since the times of Rajas till today, Indian Interior design has come up with Luxurious beautiful big houses around the world. In the old times, Interior Design was traditionally enjoyed by the rich people as it was sought as a luxury since only the rich could afford the expensive interior its material and workers.

Interior Designing Industry - Modern India

1. Unified color scheme: It is very important to have a unique, sorted 2-3 colored scheme for your space; too many colors spoil it all.
2. Modern furniture: Why stay the old way when newer things are available? In today's world, people generally opt for modern designs, fine leather, smooth velvet, etc. for a royal appeal.
3. The 'Less is more' mantra: People generally like to minimize their furniture in the house and have more open space, gone are the times when everyone just wanted to stuff their houses with all the furniture they could afford. People like it sober and elegant these days.
4. Unique and rustic appearance: People generally like to take ideas from the interior designing history and hence, give an authentic touch to their new spaces.
The interior designing industry has definitely evolved over the period; few ideas have been eliminated, few have been built upon, but all the essence of designing has only evolved and increased with time.

Interior Designing in the Lower Income Groups

But even when Interiors were sought as a luxury, the people of lower class income groups created their interiors from what nature provided them in the best ways possible to create wonders. The majority of the population being the labor class used to create marvelous designs in interiors with energy efficient and resourceful manner.

That is the reason why not only the rich and luxurious people created rich interiors but also the lower income groups created wonders which left us with a rich heritage of interior designing.

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